Army Corps of Engineers Asserts Jurisdiction over Three Parcels of Wetlands BUT no construction is planned there FASNY Reports

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WPCNR SOUTH END TIMES. Observation of FASNY Hearing by John F. Bailey. December 3, 2014:

In the first 10 minutes of tonight’s hearing, representatives of The French American School of New York made public that the Army Corps of Engineers has informed the school that they have jurisdiction over three portions of the property, however no school construction is planned for those areas.

This development  would seem to indicate to this observer that the Army Corps of Engineers has no problem with the construction of buildings affecting other parts of the property, and the hope of adversaries to the plan that the Army Corps would find the project objectionable appear to not be a factor in whether or not the project site plan under review would be stopped.

Presently  the French American School of New York representative Michael Zarin is being quizzed by Councilman Dennis Krolian in a somewhat heated  discussion over FASNY supplying traffic accident information involving the Bryant and North Street area still not being supplied, the elimination of median space on North Street. proposed by the turn lane into FASNY, and a new development in which Department of Public Safety Commissioner David Chong’s concern over emergency vehicles being able to get through the proposed alternative routes from Fire Station 7. Krolian is currently reading the School Board Letter rejecting the project.

The hearing can be seen in progress on Cablevision Channel 76 in White Plains and on Verizon FIOS Channel 44.



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