Council to Call Public Hearing on Gentrification of Westmoreland Avenue; Also Will Designate Westchester Avenue East as Urban Renewal Area

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The regular monthly meeting of the White Plains Common Council is notable not only for the recognition of 25 year city employees but for a scheduling of a public hearing in January on a rezoning of the Westmoreland, Intervale Avenue, Irving Place Home Street areas under which hotels, restaurants, health clubs and residences would be permitted.

Previously, the city had imposed a moratorium on developing in the Westmoreland Avenue area, for considering evaluation of historic value of the district. The new ordinance included in this evening’s “Backup Material” does not appear that this reporter can see any mention of historical designations.

Another intriguing development which is on the scheduled consent agenda is a resolution designating  the area across from the Westchester Mall, alongside Westchester Avenue as an Urban Renewal Project Area.

This area includes the following properties:  private and municipal parking lots on Franklin Avenue; Enterprise Car Rental, White Plains Coach Diner;  the car dealerships at 62, 64-68 and 70 Westchester Avenue; vacant store fronts at 80,84-88 Westchester Avenue; 92-98 Westchester; Avis, 116 Westchester; 30-40 Westchester Avenue and 26 Franklin Avenue.

The complete agenda as well as backup material may be found on the city website,

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