Montefiore CEO Discusses Challenges in Healthcare Going Forward.

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Dr. Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of The Business Council of Westchester interviewing Montefiore CEO Dr. Steven Safyer at Manhattanville College Monday.

WPCNR HEALTH TRENDING. From the Business Council of Westchester (Edited) October 28, 2014:

Dr. Steven Safyer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Montefiore Health System, that has recently engaged in a partnership with White Plains Hospital said one of the major challenges facing hospitals today is how to provide affordable care without sacrificing quality.

He noted to an audience of  100 at the Westchester Business Council at Manhattanville College Monday, that Montefiore’s model of integrating care and payments is a key element of the Affordable Care Act. “That’s the model of the future,” he said. “You can have affordable care that is high quality.”

He said the healthcare industry is undergoing a period of consolidation. “There will be more consolidations. There will be more branching out of systems,” he said.

This is most evident in Westchester where Montefiore has emerged as a major presence in the county’s healthcare community with its acquisition of Sound Shore Medical Center and Mount Vernon Hospital as well as its affiliation with White Plains Hospital. Montefiore also maintains administrative offices in the former Kraft Foods complex in Tarrytown.

He also noted that the healthcare community is moving toward more outpatient services designed to keep people out of hospitals. He talked about Montefiore’s new “bedless hospital” that is opening at the Hutchinson Metro Center in the Bronx. The 300,000- square-foot ambulatory surgical care center is the first of its kind in the New York Metro Area.

Dr. Safyer said all of these developments mean new jobs will be created in the healthcare field. However, he said many of those jobs will not necessarily be professionals with advanced medial or nursing degrees but managers who will help patients with their ongoing care.

On WHITE PLAINS TELEVISION’S PEOPLE TO BE HEARD interview program, you hear see what the Chief Executive Officer of White Plains Hospital, Jon Schandler, has to say about how Montefiore and White Plains Hospital will be operating together in the coming months. You can see the program at 10 P.M. Thursday evening on Channels 45 FIOS throughout Westchester County, and Channel 76 Cablevision





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