Autumn in New York: Cider Mills, Farms, Celebrate the waning sun of Summer.

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Apples ripening in fields  of Wilkens  Fruit Farm (a working farm since 1917) last weekend. The farm  and its store and bake shop below gives the family a feel for what a working farm is like. It sells pies, cups of the first cider of the season and donuts, jams cookies. You can find out how to get there by going to


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2013922bramsonad 006 Thompson’s Cider Mill, a tradition in Westchester County  opens Saturday, 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. proimising the first cider of the season, brewed up by the master ciderer, Geof Thompson.  for information go to  www.thompsonscidermill.com2014906nyc 115





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