One Good Man: John Tychyn

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WPCNR PERSONALITIES. From Lisa Andrade. April 25, 2014:

A 29 year native of White Plains, NY, John Tychyn is the epitome of what it means to accomplish and live the American Dream through perseverance and a sheer determination to do what it takes to make it as a Fireman and a Police Officer.

While most kids were dreaming of becoming either a Fireman or a Police Officer, John was determined to become both. In this day and age when all you hear about is negativity plaguing our society, I thought it would be refreshing to highlight not only one good man willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, but one who is an exemplary role model for others to follow in pursuit of their own happiness and dreams.

Last summer he completed all of the extensive training necessary in order to become a Fireman. And the last few phases before officially becoming a NYS Police Officer will happen once he finishes his upcoming Boot Camp this summer and is (hopefully) accepted into the Academy.

Though a bit challenging at times, John would never give up his dream to settle for something less. He has worked way too hard to get to where he is now. It’s been a long journey, but that road to opportunity has been one paved with never-ending success.

And because of his unwavering faith and characteristic traits of endless dedication to his success, I believe John Tychyn is deserving enough to be named a Hometown Hero. He is certainly someone worthy enough to look up to because of how graceful he makes it seem while juggling a full-time and part-time job, attending a local business college, making a career as a Fireman, and building a promising career of becoming a Police Officer.

What an honor it will be to see one of our own as being a part of such elite teams who is looking forward to serving the White Plains and surrounding communities with dignity and justice for all.

CONGRATULATIONS JOHN… you are ONE GOOD MAN and an inspiration to all.

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