WP Zoning Board Upholds Building Commissioner’s Decision on Sunrise Detox Attempting to Move into Nathan Miller Nursing Home

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WPCNR ZONING ZEN. Special to WPCNR from Ken Howard, Carhart Neighborhood Association. March 6, 2014:

Last night in a unanimous decision the White Plains Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) upheld an August 13, 2013 decision by Commissioner of Building Damon Amadio to not consider Sunrise’s proposed Application for an “alcoholism facility” at 37 Dekalb Avenue as a Community Residence.

Sunrise sued White Plains in federal court, but a judge tossed the matter back to the city for further review.

The ZBA felt that not all alcoholism facilities should be considered community residences and that length of stay was a significant factor in their decision.

The Carhart Neighborhood Association has led the fight against locating a short-term drug & alcohol detox center in their quiet residential neighborhood.

Sunrise initially attempted to establish a detox facility at 37 Dekalb and then made an attempt to call it an alcoholism facility, but both were deemed not to be community residences.

It’s unclear what Sunrise’s next steps will be, but it seems likely they will go back to federal court in another attempt to sue White Plains for discrimination against the disabled.

For additional information, please contact the Carhart Neighborhood Association at nodetox@gmail.com



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