Council Tables Findings Resolution on FASNY Until Another Day. Last Minute Councilperson Changes Needed to be Incorporated in the Findings Resolution


The decision on the Findings statement on the French American School of New York will have to wait at least a week because the Common Council voted to table the Findings Statement resolution because changes by certain Coucilpersons they wanted included in the Findings Statement could not be incorporated soon enough for all the council to read.

The Mayor called the Special Meeting to order at 7 P.M. sharp as is his habit. He made a brief statement saying the Council was going to table items 1 and 2 because changes received just Monday afternoon from council people had not been incorporated into the Findings Resolution about to be voted on.

He asked for a second, and the resolutions were tabled to a date to be decided. One councilman told WPCNR it was expected to be taken up December 17.

The vote to table was greeted by boos from the full chamber of citizens who turned out for the go or no go Findings decision. The Mayor scolded the audience for booing, calling it “inappropriate.”

Councilwoman Milagros Lecouna told WPCNR after the meeting that statements were being added to make it clear specifically the steps involved in meeting  a raft of conditions what the French American School of New York has to do to build the project. Lecouna said the council choice of entry was the North Street entry to the FASNY property, which involved moving of the White Plains High School driveway, and city Board of Education approval.

Robert Stackpole, an opponent of the project and a member of the Gedney Association, commented  to WPCNR, that the Findings Statement was “an environmental fantasy.”

Michael Zarin, lawyer for the French American School of New York had no comment on the content of the Findings Statement, and neither did  two members of the French American School Board of Directors.

In order for the project to proceed, the Findings Statement needs a 4-3 favorable vote by the Common Council, and the Special Permits the French American School needs to receive must be approved by a 5-2 vote, according to John Callahan, City Corporation Counsel.

To be continued next week.

The meeting took two minutes by the clock on the Common Council Chamber wall. It had been scheduled for six days.


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