WPCNR CITY HALL CIRCUIT. From the City Clerk. December 3, 2013:

The White Plains Common Council, it was announced by the City Clerk office today will hold a Special Meeting Monday  December 9 at 7 P.M, to make a Findings Statement on whether or not the Council will allow The French American School of New York to go ahead with developing the former Ridgeway Country Club property into a 7 building campus for the internationally known school.

In order for the process to go ahead the council needs a super majority of votes, 5-2.  Presently two members are opposed and in order for the proposal to be defeated, another member of the council must defect to the two members now opposed

Dennis Krolian and Milagros Lecouna were observed devising strategies at City Limits restaurant last Friday. Mr. Krolian and Ms. Lecouna voted against approving the Final Environmental Impact Statement that was approved  in October by the Common Council.

A 4-3  vote at that time would have said the statement was not complete and the council could have demanded more information. However, Mayor Roach, Benjamin Boykin, John Martin, Beth Smayda and John Kirkpatrick voted for the the environmental impact statement as being complete at that time.

The Gedney Association has announced intention to file a suit against the city if a positive finding that the project can go forward is adapted by the Council

The Agenda:RESOLUTIONS: 1. Communication from the Environmental Officer in relation to the application submitted by the French American School of New York (FASNY) for a Special Permit and Site Plan Approvals to develop a private elementary and secondary school with accessory nursery school at 400 Ridgeway, White Plains, New York, and a resolution adopting an Environmental Findings Statement.
2. Environmental Findings Resolution of the White Plains Common Council
adopting the Findings Statement issued under the State Environmental Quality
Review Act, Environmental Conservation Law Section 8-101, Et. Seq. regarding
the application submitted on behalf of the French American School of New York
(“Applicant” or “FASNY”) in relation to Special Permit and Site Plan Approval and
related approvals for a private elementary and secondary school, and an
accessory nursery school, to be located on the property of the former Ridgeway
Country Club, such property consisting of four parcels (Section-Block-Lots SBL
131.14-9-3, SBL 131.14-2-3, SBL 131.10-1-6 AND SBL 131.10-3-32) and having
an address of 400 Ridgeway, White Plains (“Application”).

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