City Sales in July Were Flat. County Continues on Pace for a 6% Increase in Sales Tax Receipts

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WPCNR QUILL & EYESHADE. From Geoffrey Gloak, the New York State Department of Taxation and finance. August 15, 2013:

White Plains Sales Tax Receipts for the month of July, the first in the city fiscal year were flat compared to the July of a year ago, down $16,000 to $4,012,360. A virtually negligible decline.

For the seventh consective month White Plains continued to lag behind the county as a whole in the rate of sales tax collections, even though White Plains contributes to the county sales tax receipts coffers.

Westchester County through 7 months of its 2013 fiscal year is up 6%, collecting $28o,343,008  compared to $264,259,273 in 2012.

If the County continues on the 6% growth rate, the county will earn $487.4 Million in sales tax receipts, generating a $10 Million surplus in sales tax receipts over the 2013 forecast of $478 Million in sales taxes. Should the county have a robust September and Holiday Season there is an outside chance they could hit $500 Million, an all time record.



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