New York State Power & Gas Misses Its Own Restoration Deadline–Moved to Tuesday. County Executive “Disgusted”

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WPCNR THE POWER STORY. Statement from County Executive George Latimer March 5, 2018:

“Days after Winter Storm Riley thousands of Westchester residents are still sleeping in cold homes with no lights and downed power lines right outside their doors.  I find this disgusting.

I am outraged at both Con Edison and NYSEG’s slow and inadequate response.

On Sunday, I expressed doubt that NYSEG would be able to meet their timeline of restoring power by Monday night – unfortunately I was correct.

Today, NYSEG pushed back their timetable to 11:45 p.m. Tuesday.  The people of Westchester, who pay both Con Edison and NYSEG for their services, deserve better.  I’m calling on both companies to bring in more crews, and have their workers work around the clock to restore power to the people of Westchester. 

My team has also reached out to the Chair of the Public Service Commission, John Rhodes, to again ask for an investigation of both Con Edison and NYSEG’s response to the storm.

Additionally, my team is already taking steps to prepare for the additional storm that is set to hit Westchester Wednesday evening.

To County residents, if you do have power I am asking you to please offer your home, a hot meal or a shower to family, friends and neighbors.  To those County resident without power, please keep your chin up – I, along with my team, are working day and night to advocate for you.”


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