County Executive Latimer: Utilities Unprepared

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WPCNR  THE POWER STORY.From County Executive George Latimer on Facebook. March 5, 2018:

Day Four of no power: tempers are high. Understandable. I went seven days during Sandy without power and it was a real problem.

But let’s get real with comments.

No single ‘neighborhood’ or town has been forgotten. First off, I’ve personally travelled through nearly every community over the weekend and saw for myself devastation.

Unfortunately when you’re out of power, you don’t particularly know or care about someplace 29 miles away that is also without power. This storm was serious and it affected people everywhere – Somers, Pelham, Peekskill, Yonkers, Armonk, Rye, literally everywhere.

It is false to assert your neighborhood has been forgotten because you havent seen trucks in your neighborhood.

The utilities were unprepared. They did not have enough trucks in most neighborhoods. They needed to call on mutual aid from distant states sooner – only last night did they arrive to put more professionals on the streets.

Anger directed at your Mayor, Council, Supervisor et. Is misplaced. They cannot direct utility resources.

Your anger is valid but it must be directed to the leadership of the utilities who did not plan for this disaster. I know as fact every official has been on numerous calls with the utilities literally screaming at them for attention for their towns.

The daytime warming centers are provided for a respite. Use them. Until the crews can get to you its the most proximate thing your local govt can do to give you a break.

After the crisis is over there’ll be much to hold accountable. For now, the British have it right ” Keep Calm and Carry On”. We will all direct our anger where it should be directed.

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