Paul Feiner on the Greenburgh Power Situation as of 5:30 PM Monday

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WPCNR THE POWER NEWS. From Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner. March 8, 5:30 PM:

The Greenburgh  town crews will work thru the night today with Con Ed. And we have crews picking up roadside debris  till dark in preparation for Wednesday’s snow storm. If you have wires in front of your house please let us know and we will forward to Con Ed. We are preparing for a large snow storm on Wednesday. We are monitoring anticipated conditions and will keep you advised.

Con Ed has been making progress restoring power  (Monday) to some  (Greenburgh) residents. Have been receiving e mails from some (but not all residents) with good news –their power is on. Hopefully, if your power is off you’ll get good news soon.

During my conference call with Con Ed and other municipal officials was advised that a few hundred contractors from outside the Con Ed service area are now in the area –more outside help expected tomorrow. And, Con Ed has asked for hundreds more to be available to them on Wednesday (for the anticipated snow).

These are areas the town is addressing—trees that have to be removed…

Road Closure / Tree Priority List


1)      26 White House Rd / Don Ln – Ticket WE18024599 & WE18024758 – completed

2)      White House Rd / Biltom Rd – Ticket WE18047374 – completed

3)      Biltom Rd / Don Ln – Ticket WE18047396 – completed

4 )  13 Bryant St / Secor Rd – Ticket   WE18051981

5)      18 Kathwood Road / Bowbell Road – Ticket  WE18035024

6)     640 Old Kenisco Rd / Edgepark – Ticket WE18048920

7)    40 Dorchester Dr /Mount Joy – WE18052970

8)   43 Sheridan/Clayton Rd WE18053010

9)    300 Clayton Rd/ Sheridan Rd – WE18053022

10)  Caterson Terrace/Charlotte Pl/Holland Pl – WE18042113

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