Winbrook’s First New Building Accepts Applications for Apartments — to Open in August.

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WPCNR WEST SIDE STORY. By John F. Bailey. March 24, 2015:

The Winbrook Revitalization Project is expected to  open its first new building in August for present residents of the Winbrook complex. Applications for the apartments from residents were expected to be filed with the White Plains Housing Authority this past Saturday.

Mack Carter the Executive Director of the White Plains Housing Authority told WPCNR in a statement last week,  every household of the 450 families were given a survey to determine their interest in renting a new unit in the new building on the corner of Fisher Avenue and South Lexinton across from the Federal Courthouse.

Carter said the final selection of applicants for the first building will be conducted by a lottery and every Winbrook applicant (returning the survey ) will be considered. 

Carter assured that  “those applicants not selected who defer to a later moving date will be kept on the list for available units in future phases,” (4 more buildings are planned for construction.

WPCNR asked if a number of the units in the new building would also be made available to the general public at market rates. This is not clear.

In his written statement, Carter said “criteria – means of selecting applicants above the 450 families will be determined on future funding and requirements.”

 He emphasized to WPCNR “We (the Housing Authority) are consistently communicating the particulars of the process with our residents and will continue to do so as the process continues.”

It is not clear yet when the lottery will take place and when selected residents will be announced.


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