Governor Cuomo Should Not Discriminate on Which Veterans get what Benefits

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. November 16, 2014:

Dear Members of the Press,
If you are not aware already. I would like to bring to your attention the following.
I have sent this out to my members and hope that you will also bring awareness to this shameful act by our Governor.
The Military Service Buyback Bill (AKA ‘Veterans Equality Act’), was overwhelmingly supported by 57 (of 57) NYS Senators and 133 (of 134) NYS Assembly Members over the Summer (June/July 2014). It waited months to be called for by Governor Cuomo (called for on 10/29/14, before election day) only to be promptly vetoed AFTER the election (officially vetoed on 11/7/14) and notably right BEFORE Veterans Day. In brief, some NY Veterans (Cold War and Wartime) are currently and arbitrarily excluded from purchasing any “Military Service Credit” in NY and deserve equality with other NY Veterans.

We support equality in NY for ALL the excluded Veterans of Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, and South Korea as well as all other Wartime and Cold War Veterans.

This bill would provide all NY Veterans the equality they deserve and is in need of a two-thirds vote by the Assembly and Senate in order to have Governor Cuomo’s veto overridden.

Please sign this petition to send a message to the Governor that we disagree with his veto.

They fought and continue to fight for our freedom, let’s fight for their equality!

You can read more about the bill at:

Thank you!

That’s why I signed a petition to The New York State House and The New York State Senate, which says:

“Override Governor Cuomo’s Veto of the Veteran’s Equality Act – Bill Number: S7839/A6974”

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:  

My letter to Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo,
I am writing to you today in honor of all the men and women of this great state who served in the United States military. It appears Governor, that you have turned your back on these brave men and women by vetoing S7839/A6974 (The Veterans Equity Act). 
I ask you this, do you not enjoy the freedom of sitting up in Albany running a great state like New York? Well let me tell you something Governor Cuomo, it’s because of these great men and women who put their lives on hold to fight and defend this great country with honor, dignity and courage.
These men and women risked their lives day in and day out. They at least deserve the respect of you as governor to pass a bill that your Senate and Assembly worked so hard to get on your desk.
Doesn’t it make sense to pass a bill that would assist our great men and women who dedicated, not to mention risked a significant part of their life, so we can enjoy the liberties and freedom we all so very much love and enjoy.
You mention that it would cost too much to pass this bill. Let me ask you this. How much do you think it cost not only the men and women who risked their lives, but the men and women who lost their lives defending our freedom and the poor families that had the tragedy of having to bury their loved ones?
These men and woman not only lost their life, but also their future life they would have lived. When they died they gave up the chance to become husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. There is no price tag for such a great loss.
I along with so many veterans believe if you took the time to figure out that a veteran buying back his time and being replaced by a tier 6 employee, who now pays 6% into his or her pension, the state would have a much greater savings in the long run.
I ask you Governor Cuomo, to please reevaluate your decision on S7839/A6974 (The Veterans Equity Act), so that the men and women who risked their lives may have the ability to buy back and enjoy at least 3 of those years they fought so hard to keep us safe, secure and free.
United States Navy Veteran 
Robert T. Riley
White Plains Police Benevolent Association
“Our Strength Lies In Our Unity”

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