Panhandle Alley at the County Office Building 4 Corners. How to Clean It Up and Keep Commuters Safe

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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. November 16, 2014:

November 7, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

It happens at all times. But mainly at 8am-10am, lunchtime, and in the evenings from 5pm-6pm. They hang around the bus stops, and especially in front of the store at the corner of Martine and Court Street and the DSS (Department of Social Services).

This letter is long overdue and to be perfectly honest, a little sugar-coated. But it is honest, and it is the truth. And it is just a snippet of a documentary I am writing about what is going on right in front of us here in White Plains, NY.

The Urinaters, The Jokers, and The Midday Tokers

-A Documentary

Unfortunately, homelessness and mental health issues are prevalent in every county across the United States. I understand that for some people it is absolutely necessary to ask someone, anyone, for spare change or an extra dollar. I get that, and I do donate.

The problem arises when someone constantly asks for money and when they are turned down anger evolves. Or if I think I am doing my good deed for the day when Dollarman asks me for a dollar inside Dunkin Donuts so he can buy himself a donut and I give him the dollar and he walks up the street to buy himself a hit of wacky-cracky… that’s a problem!

That’s not helping the person… that’s enabling them and I don’t want any part of that. Not only is it taking away from people who really need the money for necessities instead of sinful pleasures, but it also raises trust issues for people donating with generous hearts.

Lately, it’s been the same people asking for the money, and lately, they have been getting more and more persistent, almost demanding, towards people to the point that I consider it to be harassment.

I DO NOT wish to be harassed three different times within a 1.5 mile radius to my destination. Nor do my coworkers, my peers, local business owners, and decent, everyday people who live and work in your beloved city.

And it’s the ones who roam the streets that scream, and shout, and let it all out (lyrics courtesy of WILL.I.AM) who are the ones to fear because you just don’t know what their mental state is. That’s why I make it a point never to have eye contact with a drug-induced person or a looney on the loose promising doom and gloom to everyone whom he/she crosses paths with. It’s like walking on eggshells when all you want to do is STOP THE INSANITY!!

It’s sad, but true, on two separate occasions someone matching the description of Darth Vader (chin-length dreadlocks, dark shoes and pants, long black trench coat with the collar up) was doing just that while yelling threats and obscenities… up and down Court Street and Martine Avenue. VERY SCARY.

White Plains has become notorious for this kind of behavior and is a haven for these ticking time bombs waiting to explode. ENOUGH, damn it!

Come on now… I thought Bieber-mania was over. Not in White Plains. Oh, no, I don’t mean musically. I’m talking about the guy who’s got his back to you facing forward while spraying his initials on any building, sidewalk, or flower bush he feels so inclined to christen in urine without an inkling of shame, guilt, or remorse whatsoever.

I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to see this… or smell it. But I do. And it’s disgusting. Every single corner surrounding the hub of White Plains smells of vomit, marijuana, and urine. That’s a fact. Just stand in front of the corner store on Martine and Court for a minute and you, too, will get a whiff of what exactly our hard-earned tax dollars are washed away on.

And speaking of that corner store, just last night (November 6) as I was waiting for my bus to arrive, along came a midday toker puffing away on a big, fat joint… right in front of the corner store.

I was furious because when I got home I reeked of pot. And while I’m on a roll… let’s not forget about another incident that happened. A fellow bus passenger had witnessed the exchange of drugs by two thugs INSIDE next to the Slurpee machine… and it wasn’t sugary ice drinks they were slurping on!!!

(Approximately 5pm, check the surveillance.) And while you’re at it, why not monitor the activities that go on day in, day out, inside and in front of the Department of Social Services. You’ll be surprised at what lies right under your nose… literally! RIDICULOUS!

.Here’s an idea: how about putting these people to work by having them disinfect walls, pavements, sidewalks in exchange for food, shelter, or bus fare?

It’s been proven that if people have something to do and somewhere to go, they become more productive in society and in their lives and are less likely to commit crimes. In the words of Justin Bieber, the best we can do is PRAY… pray that something good will come out of something BAD in hopes of preventing any future dilemmas.

And there you have it, folks…                                                                                                          a documentary of The Urinaters, The Jokers, and The Midday Tokers.

One suggestion I have to help fellow citizens in need is to follow in the footsteps of Jon Bon Jovi. What a brilliant idea he had to open up “Soul Kitchen”, a community-based restaurant in New Jersey that caters to people in need.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are no prices on the menu. They welcome in people who are hungry to come in for a hot meal in exchange for a minimal donation or by paying it off by waiting tables, cleaning/stocking items, and taking out the trash.

So far it has been a success and I believe we can benefit from this perfect example of how to pay it forward by giving back to others by implementing our own ‘Soul’ journey here in White Plains, NY.  (#IheartJonBonJovi)

White Plains is in dire need of help. I know that. You know that. We all know that. Now let’s do something about it.

You can bet your bottom dollar… or that of Dollarman, that if I see something, I’m saying something.


A White Plains commuter (Name Withheld on Request)

(This letter has been edited without altering the meaning of the content)

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