Photographs of the Day by the WPCNR ROVING PHOTOGRAPHER. Amodio’s advises Plants affected will Survive. Their Flower in Bloom maybe not.

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Snowy Southend


Huddling Hyacinths


Global Warming? My flippers!

WPCNR checked with Mary of Amodio’s Nursery in White Plains. She tells residents concerned about their plants that have flowered, not to attempt to brush snow off the flowers that have bloomed. She says bulbs of the plants have not been damaged and will come back next year. She advises the flowers that have come out may not “weather” the surprise April 16 chilling and icing, that the sun will melt off the snowy crust, ┬ábut says plant lovers should not “take a blow dryer to it.”

She notes that the gree foilage of the plants will not be hurt and those that have not bloomed should be all right.

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