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WPCNR, courtesy of  the White Plains League of Women Voters presents the 8 candidates running for three seats on the Board Of Education in the School Board Budget and Elections May 21. They will be appearing at the Candidates Form at 7 PM  for the Forum, held May 9 in the  White Plains High School Library. The Forum will be zoomed and retelecast on FIOS Channel 46 and Optimum Channel 77. The information is published as received from the League and there may be some errors in fonts. Addresses and contact information excluded for privacy. 

Information Sheet for Board of Education Candidates


Name :            Vincent Orlando

Education:      Bachelor History with a minor in Education from Mercy College

Profession:     I started my career in Education and moved on to Financial Services.


  1. Do you currently have children in the White Plains Schools or have you had children in the schools in the past?

I currently have two children in the White Plains School district.


  1. There are many ways individuals can serve the community. Why have you chosen to run for the school board?

As a lifelong resident of White Plains and having gone through the White Plains  School district, I have chosen to run for the White Plains School Board so I can continue  to serve my community. I feel it is an important responsibility to work with our community  and schools so that all children can have an opportunity to succeed. As a current PTAmember, I know the importance of working side by side with our schools to give our  students access to experiences and opportunities for all.


  1. What particular skills or experiences qualify you to serve as a school board member? In what school or district activities have you been involved?

I am very involved in my children’s school, from organizing events, to volunteering  during lunch and I currently serve as the PTA secretary for my children’s school. I have  worked closely with parents, teachers, and the principle to help facilitate events and  activities. I have worked with the PTA in fundraising so we can offer programs for little to  no cost for our students, and not add cost to our school district.


  1. What do you think is the most important role of a school board member?

I believe the most important role of school board member is to work with the  Superintendent, parents, and educators to help students succeed and to ensure that the  school is building a bridge with the community. Part of the responsibility of a  schoolboard member is to ensure that the school budget is fiscally responsible and that  we are including key stakeholders from each department to the decision-making  process.

  1. What are 2-3 strengths of which the White Plains Public Schools can be proud?

The White Plains School District provides a multitude of opportunities for all our  students and families. At the elementary level being able to offer school choice is a  unique opportunity that not many districts can offer. Each school provides and targets  the values of the families of our community. For example, we have schools that offer  bilingual education that in the long run would address the seal of biliteracy as a  graduation pathway. We also offer STEM opportunities. Our schools value the voice of  our families.


  1. What are the White Plains Schools’ greatest challenges?

As the population of White Plains continues to grow, we need to make sure that we  continue to address all the needs of our student’s, English language learners, students  with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students and our gifted and talented  students. We need to make sure that we continue to offer as many opportunities as possible to our students that we can. We also need to make sure there is transparency  with decision making process and that we move away from top-down decisions.


  1. At the end of your term on the School Board, what would you hope to have been the accomplishment you are most proud of!

At the end of my term on the school board I hope that we have as a school district  where our process of decision making, takes in consideration all voices; staff, parents,  students and tax payers and all decisions are made with the children first.


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