Demonstration at Abortion Clinic in White Plains Saturday the 27th. Three arrested Police Report Who They Are. “Investigation ongoing,” Polce Chief says.

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WPCNR POLICE GAZETTE. From White Plains Police. December 1, 2021 UPDATED 4:23 P.M. E.S.T.:

An abortion clinic in White Plains was the subject of a demonstration Saturday afternoon.

Commissioner of Public Safety David Chong in a statement described what happened.

” It was not an “attack” but a demonstration of around 20-25 people.  Most of the demonstrators stayed on the sidewalk.

Three people made entry into the medical facilities and after 3 warnings were arrested for criminal trespass, they were issued Desk Appearance tickets because that’s what the law allows for trespass.

No injuries reported by police or demonstrators.This happened between 130 pm-330 pm.”

White Plains Police Chief Joseph Castelli identified those arrested in this statement this afternoon:

 “Willaim Goodman and Christopher Moscinski charged with NYS Penal Code Section 140.10 Criminal Trespass 3rd- Subsection, a Matthew Connolly charged with NYS Penal Code Section 140.05 Trespass.
All other press inquiries are being deferred as this is an ongoing investigation.”

Demonstrations like this have occurred regularly at the clinic for sometime.

WPCNR was advised of this incident through a Choice Matters e-mail describing the incident.

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