WESTCHESTER COVID INFECTIONS DECLINE 56% IN 4 WEEKS. Westchester New Covid Cases Rise to 691 Last Week–1 to .9 Spread Rate — 1 New Infection two Weeks Ago Spread the Disease to at Least 1 Person– Infections Are Keeping Pace this week.

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WPCNR CORONAVIRUS REPORT. Statistics From the NY State Covid Tracker Analysis by John F. Bailey. October 18, 2021:

From Sunday October 10 to Saturday October 16, 691 Westchester persons were tested positive for covid of 56,982 tested during that period.

That computes to an average infection rate of 1.1 % of those tested testing positive for covid. This computes to a Spread Rate of each of 695 persons two weeks ago spreading the disease to approximately 9/10ths of a person (.89 people), or just about 1 person infecting 1 other person — which controls the spread of the disease by keeping numbers of infections about the same each week.

The new infections for covid the last 4 weeks: September 19 to 25: 973; September 26 through October 3: 695; October 3 to 9: 667; October 10 through October 16: 691. Number of new infections: 3,026

On the week of September 5 through 11 (after Labor Day) there were 1,152 inew infections in a week., making a spread rate of 1 new infection 14 days later (the period of typical disease spread of Covid) of 2.6%.

What this rough comparison, (new infections do not all follow a strict 14 days to the day of infection,) means is that 6 weeks later, the infection rate has declined to 1 person newly tested, infects .9 of a person (1 to .9) instead of 2.6 or 1 new infection infecting 2 other persons. The spread rate, roughly computed by WPCNR, declined 56% 2.6 down to 1.1.

Infections have declined from over 1,000 new infections a week for each of the 7 weeks from August 1 to September 19, a total of 7,424 new infections those 7 weeks.

The average of new infections per week was 1,061 new infections a week (152 a day) until Westchester slipped below 1,000 to 973 the week of September 19 to 26.

The total number of new infections per week since September 26 has declined 59% to 3,026 a decline of 4,403.

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