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PLAYLAND SUNDAY: The admissions windows building has been leveled, and the rehab of the arcade, shown below is well underway.
Interior of the first arcade–former site of cafeteria and Burger King is being gutted of rotten wood and interior. How much of the look and purpose of the interior of structure will be retained or duplicate the “art deco original” from 1928 is the challenge.
Overhead spectator protection from weather and their supporting pillars have been removed ( remains of which are clearly visible in center of photo). Signs indicating asbestos removal have been posted. The train tracks of the KiddieLand “Playland Express” are also be relaid and new ties put in; The challenge: complete the rehab needed after 93 years to open the park again in 7 months (Memorial Day 2022).

Here is where the projects involving Playland are, according to the Westchester County website:

RP02A-Playland Ice Casino Improvements II

  • COVID-19 Mitigation Measures for Main Rink HVAC systems are in construction.

RP006-Playland Various Rides and Components

  • Rehabilitation of the historic Grand Carousel and Derby Racer Pavilions construction complete.

RP23B-Playland Colonade Rehabilitation

  • Colonnade reconstruction to begin construction shortly.

RP23F-Playland Tower Rehabilitation

  • Reconstruction of the Playland Towers underway.

RP025-Playland Shoreline Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of the Bathhouse and South Bathhouse storefronts are under construction.

RP028-Playland Structural Restoration

  • Restoration of structures for games and food vendors, employee areas, arcades and restrooms – Phase 1 and 2 are in construction, Phase 3 is designed.

RP031-Playland Switchgear Building

  • Construction of new switchgear facility is in construction.

RP033-Playland Fire Suppression System

  • Upgrade of sprinkler systems is in construction.

RP040-Playland Administration Buildings Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of the North and South Administration Buildings are under construction.

RP042-Playland Site Improvements

  • Rehabilitation of the Fountain plaza is in construction.

RP047-Playland Parking Lot Drainage Improvement

  • Rehabilitation of the Pool Parking Lot under construction.
  • Rehabilitation of the Main Parking Lot in design.

RP053-Playland Pool Rehabilitation

  • Reconstruction of the Playland Pool and Central Bathhouse under construction.

RP054-Playland Bathhouse Canopy Replacement

  • Replacement of bathhouse canopy is complete.

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