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WPCNR CUOMO CRISIS UPDATE. From wire reports. August 5, 2021:

The New York Times reported Thursday morning the New York State Assembly may not officially take a vote on whether or not to impeach Governor Andrew M. Cuomo until after it completes its Senate Judiciary Committee investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment on the part of the Governor, supported by State Attorney General Letitia James Tuesday.

The newspaper report this morning reported a projected timetable that would not start a State Senate trial of the Governor should the assembly vote to impeach him in early September until possibly October. The State Senate has 30 to 60 days to act and begin the trial of Governor Cuomo if impeached, which would place the start of the proceedings to try him that could begin as late as the week before elections.

The Times also reported that no lawsuits by any of the 11 women named in the state investigation report released Tuesday, conducted by State Attorney General Letitia James into the Governor’s alleged actions, have yet to be filed with District Attorneys, though the Albany County District Attorney is quoted by the Times as saying his office has attempted to reach the women who have accused the governor to see if they are willing to file lawsuits with no positive responses.

The Times reports Lindsey Boylan, the first woman to accuse the Governor, plans to sue for the Governor’s alleged “retaliatory actions,” according to Ms. Boylan’s lawyer, Jill Basinger.

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