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WPCNR AROUND WHITE PLAINS. By John F. Bailey. May 5, 2024:

The White Plains Library Foundation whose mission is to promote and expand services and attractions and community involvement in the continued growth of the White Plains Library celebrated the “Joy of reading” last night.

Where else–but among the books and welcoming atmosphere of thousands of –books!

The Foundation created an elegant dining room festooned with green plants on the tables and even secluded tables in the beckoning shelves where colorful titles of books jump off the shelves saying “Read me! Look me over. Take me home!”

Some 70 persons (exact counts of  guests  not available at press time),  mingled and greeted each other to hear author Mariah Fredericks (above) fascinate a rapt audience with the fascinating life of Edith Wharton,  the first woman author to win the Pulitzer Prize.  Wharton turns detective  to investigate a notorious murder in 1920 of  controversial author, David Graham Phillips, in Ms. Fredericks’ The Wharton Plot. 

Addressing a crowd packing White Plains Library Auditorium Studio, Ms. Fredericks said she was attracted to writing about the Phillips murder because of the controversy over book banning and attacks on authors in our present day and the parallel to the violence of the Roaring Twenties. Describing Wharton’s Gilded Age background fasicnated the gathering making real life writer from history one you wanted to know more about.

Ms. Fredericks said that in attending an author’s conference recently attended by published authors and young persons dedicated to publish books or novels where they have something say, encouraged her how important it is that no voices be denied, in view of the moves to censor books today. She concluded saying it is her mission to make sure by writing that children as they grow up will have their eyes in books and not their I-phones.

Supporters of the Library bought chances for wine collections, Mets tickets, hotel stays, restaurants and bundles of book collections at the Raffle Auction


Brian Kenny, Library Director recalled the efforts and great business relationships in building The Trove, modernizing the auditorium into a studio, creating The Edge and the welcoming spacious high interior. He gave a shout out to previous Library Director Sandy Miranda for starting the project of redesigning the library. He introduced the honoree of the evening the builder and designer of the spaces.


Rai Fernandez, Partner, Bermello Ajamil Architects

(Photo by Graham Trelstad, Courtesy White Plains Library Foundation


Mr. Fernandez, (Debonair in tuxedo)   remarked to the crowd how  challenging the project was and how cooperative the community was with their ideas. The foundation website wrote the end product was a mutual collaboration, that has worked splendidly in building patronage and involving the community,noting:

With creativity, technical skill, and appreciation for our grand old building, Rai Fernandez and his team have transformed almost all of the Library’s spaces, improving the user experience for thousands of people every year. The Trove (children’s area), Edge (teen area), entire first floor, Auditorium, and Gallery are stunning renovations created through a multi-year partnership with Bermello Ajamil Architects. Rai Fernandez has over 30 years of experience in managing, coordinating, designing, and master planning a variety of award-winning projects including hotels, airports, residential buildings, ports and libraries.

Caperberry presented its elegent buffet  with salads, vegetables, meats(superbly prepared) easy to access serving, with a round of rotating delicious appetizers  with servers circulating among the mingling multitude with unigue treats featuring salmon, figs, and most creative combinations refreshing and tasting fresh-served.


The great surprise was encountering a warm inviting  complete dining room refreshed by  realfresh green centerpieces, spacious with plenty of room to circulate to tables. This should be continued in some fashion. There were even secluded spaces among the engaging alluring shelves. We used to call them stacks back in the days.


The Auction Raffle



THE CITIZENETREPORTER  and BRENDA STARR  You’ll never know what will jump off the shelf out you in the Library.

50 YEARS OF  History of the Library 









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