Citzens to Be Heard AND COMMON COUNCIL WORK SESSIONS Will Be Televised beginning Monday on WHITE PLAINS TV

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Mayor Roach announcing that nothing had to be done to authorize televising Citizens To Be Heard except just “do it.”

WPCNR INSIDE THE WORKSESSION. By John F. Bailey. January 28, 2019:

Mayor Tom Roach and the Common Council agreed to televise all Citizens to Be Heard segments at future monthly Common Council meetings.

The Mayor said there were no state laws requiring a vote to televise public comment periods, and since there was no mention of Citizens to Be Heard in the City Charter, the council could just do it. The Mayor issued a set of Guidelines that would be followed during the televised sessions which he said were very similar to the way the CTBH session is now.

The Mayor expanded on the bringing cameras into City Hall by announcing work sessions like this evening’s session would be moved into the large Common Council chamber and also televised with microphones for each of the Common Council members. He said the setup would be similar to the Planning Board set up. It was also suggested by several councilmen that the Zoning Board of Appeals also be televised.

WPCNR will publish the guidelines prior to next Monday’s first televised live Citizens To Be Heard

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