Robert Weisz Announces Plan for 300 Apartment Complex “The Flats” at 1133 Westchester Ave. Replaces Hotel Plan.

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ROBERT WEISZ, OF THE RPW Group, presenting his joint venture with the NRP Group., The Flats at Westchester. The 3 building 303 unit, rental complex is planned to be completed by the fall of 2021. NRP will manage the complex. The view is how the buildings would appear to a motorist travelsing up the 1133 entrance drive

WPCNR INSIDE THE WORKSESSION. By John F. Bailey. January 28, 2019:

Robert Weisz the head of RPW Group, announced a new expansion of his 1133 Westcxhester Avenue office complex Monday evening, introducing “The Flats” aimed at the upper scale rental markets consisting of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments with no studios. Price points had not been set. The national builder of rental housing NRP was to be the builder and manager of the project. Ten percent of the 303 units were to be set aside for affordable housing under White Plains practice.

The apartment complex was to be built fronting across from the 1133 Office building, a overlooking the Maple Moor Golf Course. Weisz said the buildings would not be visible from the Havilands Manor neighborhood.

Solar panels would be built on the roofs of the buildings which were to be served a pool, health club and upscale amenities. It was hoped that renters would find employment perhaps across the parking lot at 1133 Westchester. The buildings would be located and visible to the left of the sweeping curving entrance ramp from Westchester Avenue that now leads up to the 1133 complex.

Weisz said that the partners had already worked matters out with Con Edison in terms of natural gas needs, but said if Con Ed decided to withdraw the availability of natural gas, the developers would find another fuel source.

Weisz ruled out the hotel complex that was approved by the White Plains Common Council ten years ago, saying his company was not comfortable with hotel construction.

The location: An overview of how the apartments (in orange) will locate on the 1133 site. To the lower left of the overview is the German School. To the upper right is the Maple Moor Golf Course, The road running left to right in the upper lefthand corner is Westchester Avenue, withe the 1133 entrance drive traversing from Westchester Avenue up the site.


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