Coyote Attacks 5 Year-old in Mount Pleasant Sunday.

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WPCNR THE FEINER REPORT. By Town of Greenburg Supervisor Paul Feiner. April 30, 2018:

A coyote attacked a 5 year old girl in Mount Pleasant Sunday afternoon in. This was the second coyote attack in Westchester in recent months—earlier this year a coyote attacked residents in Hastings.

Editor’s Note: Mount Pleasant Police said, a coyote  attacked the  child in James M. Carroll Park at 202 Kensico Road approximately 4 PM.  Mount Pleasant police Sgt. Chris Franco said. An off-duty police officer from the Irvington Police Department held the coyote down until the arrival of Mount Pleasant police, who shot and killed the animal. Irvington police confirmed that Arcangelo Liberatore from their department is the officer who held down the coyote.

Coyotes usually are harmless. And there are strategies people could take that could help them avoid being attacked if they are approached by a coyote.

I will be reaching out to school districts within the town of Greenburgh encouraging them to consider incorporating tips about dealing with wildlife –including coyotes – in their school curriculum. If students and their parents know what to do it could reduce the possibility of injuries or being bitten.  Students, approached by coyotes, should know what to do.

Last week the Greenburgh Town Board heard a very interesting presentation on coyotes. We heard from Kevin Clarke, wildlife biologist for the NYS DEC, Frank Vincenti of the Wild dog foundation and  Greenburgh Police Chief Chris McNerney.  Many residents have seen coyotes around town. The presentation  (link below) will provide you with tips -what to do if you are approached by a coyote.  How you can protect your pets from coyotes.

Here it is:


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