Boykin on Meeting with Con Ed, NYSEG

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WPCNR THE POWER STORY. From Westchester County Legislator, Benjamin Boykin, District 5:

Another snow storm is upon us while we’re still recovering from the Nor’easters earlier this month.

We at the Westchester County Board of Legislators held a public meeting with Con Ed and NYSEG on Monday which we intend to be the first of several to address the companies’ ongoing problems with storm preparedness, response, coordination with local officials and communications with customers.  Storms will come and outages may happen, but Westchester residents must be better served when they do.

While it will take time for Con Ed and NYSEG to address all the concerns raised by legislators there are some things residents can do today to help with recovery from outages.

You may have seen or heard that anyone without power can make a claim online for spoiled food, or other items.

Although the utilities are not obligated to offer such reimbursements in cases of storm-related outages, Con Ed has issued a statement saying they will be issuing a credit “voluntarily” for certain losses from winter storms Quinn and Riley and I have attached their statement, which includes limits for reimbursement, and the claim form links.

NYSEG, when asked directly about reimbursements in Monday’s committee meeting, reiterated that they do not have to reimburse any customers, but are considering whether they will.  I am attaching the claim form link for NYSEG as well and am hopeful they will “voluntarily” reimburse customers for losses.

Please note that there is a time limit for submission of claims.

Both utilities said that you should receive an automatic acknowledgment upon submission of a claim, and if you did not receive that acknowledgement you should resubmit.  If you still do not receive an acknowledgment then please contact me.

We are going to continue to press the utilities on staffing levels, better communications and software upgrades, and upgrades in hardware and response times.  Please let me know if you wish to have your questions presented

For the ConEd Reimbursement Form click here.

For the NYSEG Reimbursement Form click here.

To watch the video from Monday’s meeting click here.

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