Westchester County Legislators Announce They Want to Terminate Standard Amusements Playland Deal. Playland to Remain as is? UPDATED; City of Rye Appeal of Tossed “Right of City Approval of Playland Changes” Suit has been filed and is in play in the courts

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 WPCNR COUNTY CLARION-LEDGER. From the Westchester County Board of Legislators Communications Director.Updated with reporting by John Bailey  March 20, 2018:

A group of county legislators lead by County Legislator Catherine Parker, (of Rye), shown above, will hold a news conference Thursday at which they will call upon County Executive George Latimer to terminate the agreement the county has made with Standard Amusements to lease Playland.

The agreement has been in place since 2016, but is presently being held up by a City of Rye lawsuit which to the best of WPCNR knowledge is being appealed by the City of Rye, after being rejected by the New York State Supreme Court. The suit challenged the county for the right of the  City of Rye to have final approval of any changes Standard Amusements or the County wanted to make to the park. Standard Amusements has  said in the past, that it has not made the first payment due from Standard  as part of the agreement to accept the lease, because Standard wants to await the outcome of the Rye suit.

This morning, City of Rye Town Attorney, Kristen Wilson confirmed to WPCNR that the City of Rye appeal “has been perfected and has been filed for a little while.”

Ms. Parker plans to make clear a change in the agreement between the Robert Astorino administration and Standard that Ms. Parker claims was not approved by the Board of Legislators.


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