State Senator Stewart-Cousins Attends President Obama Briefing for 53 state legislators–Gridlock to Continue Obama Predicts

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WPCNR CAPITOL GO-ROUND. Special to WPCNR by Peter Katz. September 30, 2015:
 The White House advises that State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins who represents the 35th District which includes White Plains was among the 53 Democratic state legislators from around the country who were addressed by President Obama this afternoon at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in the White House complex.
In speaking to the state legislators, Mr. Obama said that he expects gridlock to continue in Washington for the remainder of his term. He said, “…there’s not going to be the kind of action on a wide range of issues that we’d like to see coming out of Capitol Hill, that puts more of a burden — but also a great opportunity — on state legislatures all across the country.  Because you can act when Washington won’t.”
The President also told the Democrats,
“We haven’t won every fight.  We’ve got a lot more work to do.  But all across America, there are people who have jobs today that didn’t have them because of the work that we did.  There are people who have health insurance today who didn’t have it before because of the work that we did.  There are students who are going to college for the first time because we’ve made that possible.  There are veterans who served tour after tour who are now home with their families and are getting help that they have not only earned but that will help make our country stronger.”

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