Mysterious reports of violence off Post Road during Weekend Investigated.

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Police are seeking information about possible incidents of violence in downtown White Plains over the weekend. According to Commissioner Public Safety David Chong, it is unclear what happened and no one is coming forth to explain what happened. The Commissioner clarified the origin of reports of stabbings:

” No stabbings inside any bars. Two people showed up at the hospital ER and would not cooperate at all with police. They had slash wounds but would not say how they got them.  We broke up a few fights in the parking lot off of Post Road earlier in the night but nobody claimed they had been stabbed.  We are still investigating the circumstances and whether they were even cut in White Plains?”

If anyone has any information on the incidents, contact the White Plains Police at 422-6111 and ask for the Commissioner’s Office or Detectives. Information will be kept confidential.

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