This may be alarmist, but the pollen count this weekend is bringing me allergy symptoms I have never experienced before. Chronic allergy sufferers should be wary.

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WPCNR WEATHERED EYE. By John F. Bailey. August 9, 2015:

I have taken to posting pollen count predictions after this spring’s warnings of higher pollen counts in the air.

After interviewing an allergist about pollen and learning that even non-allergy sufferers can be affected by high pollen counts, and that in her practice this spring she has experienced higher numbers of persons reporting allergy systems for the first time in their lives, I can understand.

Today, I know that this can happen, and warn chronic allergy sufferers that today Sunday and tomorrow Monday you may need to take precautions.

I woke up this morning with a very stuffy nose and blurry eyes. Now usually I would attribute this to swimming. But, I did not swim yesterday. Pollen counts today are in the 7.6 range on a 1 to 12 scale in the White Plains area.

The eyes continue blurry but this is not a sudden cataract attack. I can only attribute it to the pollen in the air. So be aware..wear sunglasses, wear a hat. I hope you do not suffer too much.



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