Why Won’t Mayor Move September 8 Hearing to a Larger Venue?

WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. August 12, 2014 (The following letter to the Mayor was shared with WPCNR)

Hi Mr. Bailey,
I am forwarding you this email I sent to City Hall.  It’s a very strange thing that the Mayor refuses to move the venue to a larger setting.  What is he afraid of?  I think honestly, he is afraid that he is unable to handle the crowd at a larger venue.  As it is now, he scolds citizens to be “professional” during the hearings.  What’s “professional” about defending your neighborhood and city?
Thank you,
Anne M. Casey, M.D.

Begin forwarded message:
Dear Mayor Roach and Council Members,

I have written before requesting a venue change for the last public hearing on September 8, 2014.  As you well know, there is enormous public interest in the FASNY site plan and special permit vote.  There is precedent in White Plains for moving the venue from the confined Common Council chambers in City Hall to a more appropriate, larger venue.

The hearings were moved by Mayor DelVecchio to White Plains High School when the New York Hospital development was being reviewed.   Section 103(D) of the New York State Open Meeting’s specifically states:“Public bodies shall make or cause to be made all reasonable efforts to ensure that meetings are held in an appropriate facility which can adequately accommodate members of the public who wish to attend such meetings”.

While the present seating outside the chamber and in the lobby may technically fulfill the requirement of the law it misses the mark as far as the spirit of the law is concerned.  Voters want to attend and have their voices heard on this vital matter.

We elected you to represent us.  The voters want a change of venue.

This is a totally discretionary decision on your part.  Why are you turning a deaf ear to your constituents?  You will see that it is not a “small vocal minority” that opposes this feckless FASNY development.  Rather there is broad support opposing FASNY as evidenced by the thousands of White Plains citizens who signed real hard-copy petitions to this effect.  As someone who walked and petitioned throughout White Plains, each signature was a conversation.  The more people found out about FASNY,  the more opposed they became.

I am imploring you to listen to your constituents and move the September 8, 2014 public hearing to the White Plains High School.

Thank you,

Anne M. Casey, M.D.


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