Sustainable Playland Is All In. Will Come Back to Review with Assurance County will Represent them in Any Lawsuits Involving Their Selection

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Brenda Starr visiting Playland last Sunday

WPCNR PLAYLAND-GO-ROUND. From Sustainable Playland. April 30, 2014:

Sustainable Playland  agreed Wednesday to return to the County Board of Legislators Playland Improvement Plan Review, under the understanding the county will represent Sustainable in any legal action arising from its (SPI) ultimate selection by the county to run the amusement park.

The development group withdrew from the Review  last month due to one litigation process initiated by County Legislator Ken Jenkins, and the City of Rye call for a complete environmental review as well as right of final approval of the project.

Since then the Board of Legislators has stated they have the final say in how the Playland Park will be “reinvented” that the City of Rye will be considered in the process, but the county board will make the ultimate decision.

In a letter sent Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino Wednesday afternoon, Kim Morque the President of Sustainable Playland, writes:

“After thorough deliberation by our board, we are prepared to resume the review.  We understand that going forward your administration will take a more active role with us in completing the operator agreements (including parking) and providing the relevant necessary information to the Board’s reviewing committees.  We further understand that the County will represent us in any current and future lawsuits relating the approval process and implementation of the PIP (Playland Improvement Plan) should SPI be named as a respondent.”

County Board of Legislators Chair Michael Kaplowitz had given Sustainable until May 1 to acknowledge they would rejoin the Review or not.

Mr. Morque’s letter committed to do executing theses tasks upon approval of SPI’S Playland Improvement Plan:

Once the PIP is approved and we can move forward in our role with Playland, SPI will:

  • Set and implement goals set forth in the Vision Plan.
  • Coordinate and manage the operators of the park’s zones.
  • Advocate, oversee and fundraise for environmental projects, historic preservation and park restoration to supplement funds that will be invested by the operators and may otherwise be available from revenue generated from operator payments to SPI.


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