Winbrook Revitalization Construction Starts in Nov or December. Financing “In Place,” Developer Confirms

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At Long last, Dattner Architect visions, of how the first new building in the long-awaited Renaissance of Winbrook in White Plains will begin construction at the end of this year, Jonathan Rose Companies confirmed to WPCNR Friday


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Site of Building One in the Winbrook Renaissance. Corner of Quarropas and Lexington in White Plains

WPCNR WINDOW ON WINBROOK. By John F. Bailey September 21, 2013:

The rebuilding of Winbrook, the city housing complex built in 1949 will begin new construction within two months, according to a spokesman for Jonathan Rose Companies and speaking for the White Plains Housing Authority. The spokesman confirmed to WPCNR the complete financing for the first building is in place.

Paul Freitag, speaking for the Rose organization to WPCNR from the company offices in Manhattan, said the first 10-story 103-unit building, including a first floor Community Center will be “100% affordable housing, low-income housing,” and will house  some of 450 present tenants in existing buildings on the site. No details yet on how tenants will be assigned to the new building.

The Winbrook Revitalization plan began in the Joseph Delfino Administration when a coordinated design vision of the project  from the White Plains Housing Authority envisioning a mixed  subsidized housing and market rate housing, consisting of 7 new buildings with a coordinated design was displayed. The 450 tenants of Winbrook were assured at the time new buildings would be built one at a time and no tenants would be displaced during construction.

The city rezoned the Winbrook/Lexington Avenue site as mixed use, allowing retail on the street level of the complex. An agreement was struck where the Department of Housing and Urban Development would finance the project. As economic conditions deteriorated beginning in 2008, HUD informed the Housing Authority it would no longer fund the project.

Mr. Freitag said the financing for Building One, to be built on the corner of Lexington and Quarropas Streets, is in place and consists of state funding, $2.5 Million from White Plains, $3 Million from HUD for the Community Center first floor, and the balance from tax credit financing instruments sold to corporate investors and individual investors. Mr. Freitag said he would firm up the cost of the first building project Monday.

Freitag said the building construction would begin first, with street and sewer infrastructure financed by Westchester County  in the amount of $1.14 Million would be executed further into construction. According to the website of the architect of the project, Dattner Architects envisions the first building to be complete in 2015.

The County Board of Legislators reported in a news release (see previous story on this matter), they expected to approve the county infrastructure financing.


As previously reported by WPCNR, the County Board of Legislators

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