Holtec to “Expedite” Dump of Indian Point Radioactive wastewater into Hudson River in May. County Executive CALLS IT “OUTRAGEOUS

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County Executive George Latimer is releasing the following statement regarding Holtec informing the Indian Point Energy Center Decommissioning Oversight Board its plan to begin releasing treated wastewater from the shutdown nuclear power plant into the Hudson River next month.

“The announcement by Holtec to expedite this plan, in the midst of ongoing discussions with State officials, community stakeholders and local municipalities, is an outrageous one.

The impacted communities have far too much at stake for any treated water dumping to occur on a timeline quicker than what was expected.

It is a mistake for Holtec to act before full public vetting of all options and acting without convincing residents and local governments why the other options have been overridden for consideration.

Through the Indian Point Decommissioning Board, which the County has a seat at the table on, the County is requesting an exact list of all elements and components which will be tested for.

I am urging Holtec and all parties involved to suspend their current plans, and to hold continued conversations on this decision and any subsequent actions that may be taken in order to ensure that residents of and visitors to our beautiful, scenic riverfronts are best protected.”

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