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WPCNR LABOR RAMPARTS Special to WPCNR. February 8, 2023:

The Service Employees International Union 32BJ 50 workers who lost their jobs a week ago  when  Pepsico hired a non-union security firm that told the SEIUBJ  workers they would not be rehired, are back on the job.

SEIU has begun negotiations with the new security firm and the employees are guaranteed at least 90 days further employment.

The change of heart came after SEIU filed a lawsuit accusing the new security form of violation of National Labor Relations Board practices.

Pepico issued this statement to  SEIU yesterday announcing that the new security firm had agreed to enter negotiations:

AGB has informed us that they have communicated to SEIU that they recognize them as the representative of security workers at PepsiCo’s Purchase and Valhalla facilities and have asked the union to engage in good faith bargaining with them. We are hopeful that the two parties will soon reach a resolution.”

SEIU acknowledged the announcement:

“We are happy to hear AGB has decided to recognize 32BJ SEIU as the bargaining representative of the security guards at the Purchase and Valhalla facilities and look forward to bargaining with them in good faith. These workers deserve a contract that maintains workers’ employer-paid comprehensive healthcare, quality wages, other benefits, and which upholds area industry standards.” – 32BJ SEIU Executive Vice President and Director of the Hudson Valley District Shirley Aldebol

A spokesperson for SEIU today told WPCNR that the union was hopeful of securing a satisfactory contract with AGB before the 90 days employment guaranteed the workers by NLRB law expires. Paid healthcare benefits which the union workers now enjoy is a vital issue. The benefits remain in effect while negotiations are underway.

The SEIU spokesman the National Labor Relations Board that had initiated an inquiry into the violation of standard labor laws, (advance notice of terminating employees, and the opportunity to negotiate a new contract) had not moved ahead to his knowledge at the present time.

The union had planned a rally for Thursday to protest the AGB policy but has called the rally off with the announcement of AGB willingness to negotiate a new contract acceptable to the SEIU workers.

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