The Torch is Passed to America’s Hope

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The most moving event of the Remembrance were the readings of the names of Victims of the 9-11 attack was the solemn readings of the names and biographies of persons who died that day, read with dignity, precision and poise by Community Youth Court Students, White Plans Youth Bureau, Social Justice for Youth Program and Elizabeth Haub Law-Pace University Law Students. They read the names of 75 victims who died that day, 12 police fire and other service employees who searched for survivors after 9-11., and 4 children who died in the attack. The Remembrance ceremony may be seen in its entirety on the White Plains Government Access Channel 75 Optimum.

WPCNR CITY UNLIMITED. By John F. Bailey. September 12, 2022:

The torch of hope of America was passed to America’s hopes Sunday. Its youth.

 Mayor Thomas Roach laid out the mission to  new Americans not born 21 years ago yesterday, the day the Twin Towers fell September 11, 2001  Sunday.

 The Mayor, city and county leaders empowered America’s now and future generations Sunday.

Their mission going forward is to remember the loss of those who died, the grief of the families, many in attendance that never ends.

“…Those people who died that day had no choice,” the mayor said. “This was something they never expected to see. We can never replace those people We all have to work to make things better.”

State Senator Shelly Mayer urged the coming of age generation to understand 9/11 and “make it real for young people” and to understand it is up to them to create the future and preserve the American hope.

Judge  Walter Rivera of New York State Court of Claims honored workers in his court who died on that day and who returned to the site to search for victims. His personal reminisces of the bravery his co-workers shared reflected thousands of experiences of those who lost people they loved or knew and miss today. The Judge impressed this message he took from 9-11. “We are driven to keep moving on. You should know how resilient we are. When we are needed we return to the need to serve.”

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