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WPCNCR CORONAVIRUS REPORT. From the New York State Covid Tracker. Observations & Analysis by John F. Bailey. June 28, 2022:

The 9 counties surrounding New York City reported 1,655 new cases of covid on Friday.  Westchester County reported 291;  Orange County, 100; Rockland, 90; Dutchess, 67; Ulster 28; Putnam 20 ; Sullivan-17; 554 in Nassau County and 488 in Suffolk County.

In New York City the 5 boroughs reported 3,344 new cases of covid.

Together the 9 counties and New York City had 5,004 new cases of covid in one day Friday. The Mid-Hudson region and Long Island is running 67% of the total positives in the New York Metropolitan area, (not even including New Jersey).

More troubling about acceptance of living  with covid,  is the number infections a day this month of June compared to the number of infections in  June, 2021. One year ago is when relaxed covid rules statewide lead to a third fourth and now a 5th Wave of Covid.

This may happen again considering the 300 a day infections Westchester is running this month.

June of 2021  Westchester had 463 positives cases of covid in 30 days,  averaging   15 new covid cases a day. Remember that number!

As of June 28 of 2022, Westchester has had 7,969  new cases of covid reported, this month, an average of  295 new infections a day that is 1,886% more infections per day compared to last June

(Saturday results, available today showed 295 covid positives Saturday, bringing the week total of persons testing positive to 1,954 or 295 positives a day June 19-25

That is 531 times more covid infections a day more than last June. This is more than an omen it is telling the future.

Hospitalizations, Mr. Latimer said were steady at 100 to 110 a week. (That is about double what hospitalizations were three weeks ago when they were  60 to 80)

It is significant.

Last June only a 15-a-day new covid infections set the stage for a steady increase in infections July, August,September leading steadily into the highest rate of infections the county has had by the week before December and hitting 26,000 in one day in mid-January.

It remains to be seen what the 419 infections a day rate this June will have on the public infections in the county in July.

This is what happened last summer:

 In July of 2021, there were 1,724 new Covid positives from July 1 through July 31, an average of 55 a day—up from the 15 a day in June, with the infection rate climbing  from less than ½% of those tested the first two weeks in July to  2% by the end of July. In August, the new infections rose to  5,704,  184 new infections per day, and the average infection rate to 3% on average.

After Labor Day, September slowed to 4,530 new Covid cases for the month, 151 a day,  Still at  2% infectins a month. October dipped to 2,507 infections, 81 a day, but the socialization in October and in Novemnber lead to  4,001 new cases in November, 133 a day, followed by the December of Spread—of over 46,898 new cases oc covid, with infections rising at double digit rates as high as 23%.

So though we may not be getting sick as seriously, the number of infections in June is a warning that covid is still very out there very contagious to the unvaccinated and the elderly.

The new variants are more contagious, but not as sickening according to reports.

Mr. Latimer and Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins urged parents to take advantage of  Covid Moderna Vaccinations for children taking place tomorrow by appointment.


COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic for Ages 6 Months to 5 Years Old Only on Wednesday, June 29, 2 pm to 4 pm, White Plains Clinic at 134 Court Street. Appointments are encouraged.
Schedule a First Dose Pediatric Moderna Vaccine (Ages 6 Months to 5 years)

White Plains Clinic at 134 Court Street, Fridays 9 am to 3 pm
. (NO WALK-INS available for July 1, 2022 only)
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