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WPCNR NEWS & COMMENT. By John F. Bailey. June 24, 2022:

Thank you Governor Kathy Hochul.

Within an hour of the Supreme Court ruling New York State’s “Concealed Carry Law” unconstitutional, Governor Kathy Hochul, 4 Days  ahead of the Gubernatorial Primary gave evidence why she is by far the best person for the job.

She acted.

She said to legislators, dump those plane tickets to sunspots, islands, and lakes, legislators, your constituents need you back in Albany to do lifesaving work: actually protect New Yorkers from the Supreme Court that loves Western movies.

Next week they will be telling women you can’t have an abortion.

Well before Governor Hochul is accosted by the gun lobby supporters in the legislature, here is a list of new legislation that should put an end to this madness.

No “wait and see what happens,” wimpy measures.  It’s time for every one of these suggestions I have just created below because the measures do what must be done. Do not excuse the shooters and let the new Supreme Court “You have a right to shoot people posse” escalate the national carnage. (Which they just did. Socrates is shaking his head.)

I herewith offer, to wit, some legislative aids to the brave Governor and the legislators I call…


  1. All persons entering New York State from now on,  must register in advance with the state if they intend to bring a concealed gun of any kind into the state.  Anyone not carrying a registration will be arrested and charged with carrying an unauthorized gun. Curtail the cowboys coming in from the traildrives.
  2. All foreign visitors coming to New York  even those coming to airports must sign a form saying whether or not they will be carrying concealed weapons (of any kind, knives, paper guns, whatever. by signing the certificate if they are involved in a crime involving a gun they discharge will be arrested. This should apply to diplomats, too. No more immunity!
  3. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, movie houses, must have metal detectors at entrance to dedect “concealed guns,” and have the guns “checked” during the performance or stay in the bar.  This is what they did in the old West. (The Supreme Court brings back Dodge City)
  4. Permits to get a pistol in NY should not be issued for a year (to avoid failure to manage anger).
  5. Extensive training in how to use a handgun and carry it should be mandated and administered by the military or trained instructors.
  6. Quick draw holsters, shoulder holsters, guns that are catapulted into the hand for carrying guns should be banned for the capacity to create spontaneous gun violence – the only reason to have such pistol carry rigs. Eliminate “showdowns.”
  7. Ammunition for pistols should be limited to one loading, magazine, at every purchase to prevent capacity for a mass shooting. Simple reason: if you can’t get a lot of bullets, any reckless endangerment you execute with your gun will be limited to killing or wounding 6 people.
  8. A massive illegal gun buy back has to be funded to buy back the gun supply out there that arms the professional criminals young and old.
  9. All concealed carry guns have be surrendered and held when entering government buildings. If not, the gun is confiscated and person refusing to give it up will be arrested for violating government sanctity.
  10. Perimeter checkpoints should be established at all schools,houses of worship, community non government meetings manned by local law enforcement. No concealed weapons allowed inside school perimeter. Again metal detectors.
  11. Persons selling guns illegally should lose their ability to sell firearms legally.
  12. All persons with gun permits must check in with a gun control bureau  gun management professional  officer, annually for a psychological test and update on their last year’s activity for unemployment, divorce, social relationships, and have a psychological evaluation. A little like having your car inspected and re-registered every year. But unlike the ludicrous Registration and Inspection procedure, the Gun will not be checked, the person who would be using the gun would be inspected for “stability.” Sort of like pilots having medical examinations.
  13. All applying for gun permit should have their guns they purchased equipped with a microchip so they can be tracked by GPS. Guns already owned by Permittees would have to be outfitted with such a microchip
  14. A National Stop Me  Line for persons who like to conceal their guns should be available when they are so mad they might pull out a gun and go and kill their co-workers, their spouse, etc.
  15. All Police Departments should conduct routine visits with gunowners living in their town to assess the person who have guns state of mind as to whether they are  still emotionally stable or need additional refresher training in gun management.
  16. All mass transit should have security wanding at the turnstiles, entrance to bus, cab, or uber vechile.
  17. Make stop and frisk mandatory at entry to apartments, Housing projects, Houses of Worship, athletic facilities.
  18. Create Points of Entry (like New York Customs) to come into New York State with the following questions:

1. Business here?

2. Do you Carry a Concealed Weapon? If so, show me your permit?

3. Where will you be staying?(to inform towns the visitor will be coming to their town armed)

 4. Will you fill out a concealed weapon declaration? (to keep track of  traveling guns  in the state)

  1. On conventions and business groups, All persons staying with a group on business in NY must file a listing of persons carrying concealed weapons, and the state will advise the authorities of the hotels  where they are staying.
  2. Hotels must in turn conviscate the guns while the gun owners are staying inside the hotel, to avoid violence in hotel rooms. A corollary to this suggestion is hotels adopt a “No guns, or check your guns with the concierge,” like saloons of the “B” Westerns.

Get drafting, legislators!

The Governor expects a bill by Monday.

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