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Irena Portenko ( e mail below)  irenaportenko@gmail.com is asking for YOUR HELP identifying possible housing for Ukrainian refugees who desperately needs housing.

Please e mail Irena if you can help.  These families have gone through so much in recent months. It would be fantastic if our caring community would help these families during this tragic time in their lives. Please copy me on your e mails at pfeiner@greenburghny.com

  • Last week we got a request from someone from Chabad Rivertowns with news of a family that wants to come to America at the end of June or early July.
  • They have Humanitarian Parole through the United for Ukraine program. The family is from Bucha outside Kyiv, where their house was leveled through the Russian attacks. Their nest egg was there, so they lost everything except their car.
  • Artem, the husband, speaks fluent English. He codes in C#/.Net and can work for a software company when he gets his work visa. His wife was an architect but worked as a homemaker most recently. They have two kids, a four-year-old daughter turning 5 in November (Kindergarten next year?) and a one-year-old son. They are currently living in Poland.
  • They initially escaped across the border a week before the war started in February to Moldova. They got scared as the war began and moved to Poland as far west as possible as they were concerned the war would come to Moldova. 
  • Then through local contacts, I heard about a young family from Ukraine that arrived a few days ago in Dobbs Ferry through United for Ukraine from Portugal. They have family in Dobbs Ferry.
  • The family members are Oleksandra Kushmela-30 years; Pavlo Kushmela-38years; and Ustym Kushmela-6years. Oleksandra was studying at Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry and after working at the Khmelnytska Nuclear Station. Pavlo studied English philology and worked as a seller manager after. She also has a florist diploma.
  • A Ukrainian woman is here in Brooklyn with her elderly mother, who is 91 years old. The older woman arrived on a B1/B2 visa (which can be extended) back in March and needs help with her hearing aid. She is deaf, and while in transit to the U.S., her hearing device broke down. They need help with housing.


I recently had the opportunity to interview Sergei Glazunov on my WVOX 1460 radio program. He is from Ukraine, experienced the shelters and early days of the war and now is trying to make contacts with the Westchester community – starting to make plans for the rebuilding of Ukraine.  He can be reached at s.n.glazunov@gmail.com. 

If you know of anyone who would be interested in helping a business in Ukraine re-start; assisting a neighborhood that was bombed during the war, connecting with neighborhood leaders in Ukraine , organizing an adopt a Ukraine neighborhood please contact Sergei.

. Here is the link – https://youtu.be/XiX0iDk4cKs


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