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WPCNR COVID DAILY. By John F. Bailey. June 5, 2022:

The Daily Voice ( reported this morning on its website that the Center for Disease Control has returned to recommending masks be worn indoors in the Mid-Hudson Counties of Westchester, Orange, Putnam, and Sullivan Counties and Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Westchester County averaged 370 new cases of Covid a day the last 7 days, more than double the next most covid-infectious county, Orange which averaged 124. Sullivan County averaged 28 and Putnam, 29. For the record Rockland

Nassau County and Suffolk Counties on Long Island have been consistently the most covid-infectious areas in the New York area. Over the last 7 days according to the New York Covid-19 tracker, Nassau County has averaged 605 a day for its population of 1,355,090 and Suffolk averaged 597 a day from its 1,525,290 population.

On Friday, June 3, Nassau reported 693 new covid cases. Suffolk reported 659 new covid positives.

For the record, WPCNR extrapolated what the daily number of average infections average per 100,000 of population added up to in a week in the 9 surrounding counties, as of last Monday. The moving 7-day avg infections has to be multiplied by the number of 100,000 increments in each county population to produce the average numnber of covid new infections in a week.

The upshot is the number of infections per 100,000 is not a true indicator of the number of cases a week unless the aggregate amount of cases if accumulated by multiplying whatever aggregates of 100,000 make up each county total population.

Last week due to marked decreased tests administered appears to have severely understand the rate of spread on the disease in Westchester County.

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