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WPCNR CORONA VIRUS MONITOR. From the New York State Coronavirus Tracker. Analysis by John F. Bailey. March 20, 2022:

In the second week back from the winter vacation, the traditional time those who can take short vacations, and students socialize, Westchester County new infections of covid rose to 890 new persons testing positive during the week of March  13 to Saturday March 19.

This figure is  up 53% from  the 582 new infections March 6 to 12.  Prior to last week, Westchester had diminished new cases  10 consecutive weeks.

The 890 new persons testing positive for covid meant that Westchester averaged 127 new persons a day testing positive last week. Two weeks ago, Westchester reported 754 cases for the week of February 27 to March.

Those 754 cases spread new covid cases to 1 and a half other persons by Saturday the 19th ( 890 divided by 754).

At this rate, Covid is slightly gaining in infecting. It may not be more contagious, or maybe it is, or maybe the relaxed atmosphere — more socialization by young persons on vacations from school, or relaxed socializing by adult in restaurants, due to March Madness.  There is always the possibility that this will not continue and start to go down again. It had better do that.

The spread is far more ominous in New York City five boroughs where all five combined to raise covid new positive infections 38% in a week!

From the second week when masks were declared not mandatory,  March 6 to March 13,  4,740 new positives were reported in the entire city, an average of 677 a day. That week New York City was experiencing new infections for the 7 days, of 381, 393, 634, 883,669,1,087 and 693 already rising

Last week from March 13 to 19 the covid surge continued to spread across the city.  Last week,  6,526 persons were infected with covid  a 38% increase in the five boroughs of New York from March 13 to March 19.  This compared to the  4,470 the previous week, (the second week of returning to schools in New York City in an approved maskless school system) . The infection rate in New York City (all 5 boroughs) was 932 new cases a day compared to  677 a day two weeks ago.

 Since no demographics are being released on infections, there is no way to tell whether infections are coming from the schools, the 20-somethings, 30-somethings, 40-somethings, or older-somethings. That would be important for Mayor Eric Adams to know. I am sure this is known to the authorities, but the public should know, too.

The Nassau-Suffolk counties are not as infected with new covid cases, so it is a mystery where the new cases are coming from. Nassau and Suffolk Counties have infection rates of  2% and 1.7% average, and averaging about 200 cases a day, compared to hundreds of cases in each county in  February this year and  thousands of cases in each county in January of this year. The present rise is not covid carelessness in Nassau and Suffolk Counties this time.

In the Westchester County Mid-Hudson Region, Ulster County had more cases than Westchester County, 198 to Westchester 102. 

Westchester averaged  127 new covid positives a day for 7 days.  Rockland 34 day, Orange—22 per day, Ulster County, 42 new covid cases a day; Dutchess County, 21 a day , Sullivan  2 a day, Putnam and Putnam  8 a day.  

Nassau County averaged 126 new covid positives a day and Suffolk County 98.

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