Kidney donor sought for Highlands Middle School Student

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We have an Rosedale Residential Association family who is in need of help.  Natalie Ballin is one of our neighbors and a 13 year old student at Highlands Middle School.  Her health issues started in August of 2019 when she was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia which means her bone marrow stopped making blood.  Natalie developed bad complications from her treatments and her kidneys were damaged beyond repair. She is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.  Below is some information about donating a kidney and an abbreviated story about Natalie’s situation. 

  1. Anyone over 21 and in good health can be a donor.
  2. Donating a kidney would require about 2 nights in a hospital.
  3. After donating a kidney, a donor would go back to lead a normal life without restrictions.
  4. People can go to this website to find out more about Natalie’s story, see FAQ about kidney donation, and register to start the process

Helping Natalie:

The Ballin Family is thankful for any help that anyone can offer in terms of finding a donor.  David Ballin (Natalie’s Father) can be reached at if you have any questions on how you or anyone else can help.

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