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WPCNR  CORONAVIRUS REPORT. From the New York State Covid Tracker. Observations by John F. Bailey. November 21, 2021 UPDATED 5:30 p.m. E.S.T.:

New case progression as of Wednesday, November 17.

The mass silence of the area leaders  is chilling as they look on and fail to grasp the significance and breadth of covid spread rapidly gaining strength in its ability to infect.

The Fourth Wave of covid builds in height ready to crash on the beach and flood the 9 counties surrounding New York City and the city itself with double the rate of new covid cases, threatening school normalcy in January and any recovering economy.

The Fourth Wave of the Red Plague (coronavirus) is silently inflicting over 3,000  new covid cases a day across the region we live. (There were 3,183 new cases  reported in one day Friday by the Covid Workbook site).

Two weeks ago on November 12 in one day, there were 1,382 cases a day in Mid-Hudson, Nassau and Suffolk and New York City.

Throughout Westchester, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Rockland, Sullivan, Putnam, Nassau, Suffolk and the five boroughs of New York City The Mid-Hudson Region reported  597 new cases Friday, Nassau County 443 and Suffolk, 602 in one day.

Two weeks from now those new infections will give their covid germs to 3,000 other new people, and that’s if only one of the new persons infects ONE other person. Currently spread rates from two weeks ago  are causing the new infections and the rate is still 1 person infecting 1 other person within two weeks.

The more persons who are vaccinated, but breathe the disease germs can harbor it in their nasal and mouth and by merely  breathing can pass the covid  germs to an unmasked person, or the covid variant may be doing its sad work.

The numbers issued late last night Saturday, delivered the sad spreading truth.

(Editor’s Note: The state reported late this afternoon there were 2,873 new cases of covid recorded Saturday. The two counties of Nassau and Suffolk again had 1,538 new cases and the 7 Mid-Hudson Counties 542 cases. New York City’s 5 boroughs saw 1,335 new persons come down with covid.

Saturday, the 20th was the 7th straight day the 9 suburban counties of Westchester, Orange, Dutchess Rockland, Ulster, Sullivan and Putnam, Nassau and Suffolk had more new cases than New York City: 1,538 to NYC total 1,335.

With the colder months and holiday travel season quickly approaching, we know how to prevent the spread of this deadly virus in our communities,” Governor Hochul said. “Get the vaccine if you have not already, get the booster shot to add another layer of defense, get tested before gathering with others, and stay home if you feel sick. This is no time to let our guard down.”

The suburbs around the city have more infections of Covid than New York City, 1,642 to 1,541 on one day Friday. Friday was the sixth consecutive day the 9 counties have exceeded New York City infections. The worry is that all the counties and the city are rising in infections. The infections are not stopping or slowing.

What will the leaders of the city, the counties do about this? I wonder because they are not reacting with the degree of concern I would be.

Governor Kathy Hochul is  encouraging vaccines, but has been doing so for about two weeks now. But where are the state legislators who oversee the Governor’s covid decisions on managing the disease? Are they waiting to blame her for failing to handle covid, and thus deny her the governorship by pointing the finger of blame for whatever covid havoc befalls us in the social holidays? \

I can see that happening because there are so many career politicians up there who want to be governor,can’t you? The first rule of the incompetent politician is ask not what I can do for my constituents, but how can I help myself, no matter how much it hurts my constituents, my community and my country.)

Creating political advantage to make it appear Governor Hochul is not fighting covid effectively on her own, so she takes the fall and loses the nomination for governor, is disgraceful.

The Democratic leaders in the Senate and Assembly, and Republicans, too need to look at what is happening.  They need to work with the Governor analyze the facts on the ground together with her quickly and bring covid back under control.

The governor has to make some hard decisions to start getting numbers of new infections down,  where the percentage of hospitalizations are going.

There is no time to waste.

All leaders with big covid infection outbursts in their jurisdictions  need to consult with their community and act. Please.

If you do not think 3,000 infections a day in the most populated region of the state is an explosion, then what is?

To paraphrase a popular politician bromide, “I get it.”

In my opinion, the politicians don’t get it. They never do.

No politician wants to do something unpopular. That is why the former Governor got carte blanche on Covid. He took the fall if it did not work.

But this is what the leaders up there and down on Main Street should be thinking about:

Should there be reinstitution again of capacity limits and social distancing in restaurants? Should mandatory vaccinations be ramped up? What ever happened to hot spot vaccinations when areas blossomed covid-red.

Remember when Brooklyn and Queens were targeted for vaccine rampups?

Well Friday, Queens reported 414 infections; Brooklyn, 468; Manhattan, 333; Bronx, 233 and Staten Island, 93. Should Mayor Di Blasio be thinking about hot spot control? YES.

Should the Mayor-elect of New York City, take a strong lead in targeting and working with neighborhoods now before the hospitals get hit with new cases right at Christmas?  Yes.

Should those two leaders have to take the lead now to stop the behavior and work with doctors to isolate why this spread is happening? YES.

Should persons from Nassau and Suffolk be stopped at the Queens border and checked for vaccinations and mask wearing? YES.

Should Nassau and Suffolk County Leaders start hot-spotting in out-of control spread shots. Why not?.

Should large gatherings—New Year’s Eve, the Christmas Tree lighting  even be held? And though it is too late, the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York is a really bad idea. In view of the spreads, that parade is not going to be good for New Yorkers. They should cancel it now. Pay everybody and feel good about it. Let’s not help Covid out.

The tragedy of over 1,045 new cases of covid on Friday in Nassau and Suffolk Counties is the story of the area no one wants to speak out about.  The County Executives of those two Counties have to take some kind of proactive action. If they have it is not working.

The schools out there are going to be flooded with new positives with this kind of behavior. This reckless covid spread is tragic.

 I know no County Executive or town leader wants to be disliked for reestablishing social distancing, mandatory vaccinations, enforcing masking, (and they never have) but your towns are going to be in crisis if they are not already. And why so many town celebrations, parades and pageants?

Leaders – those are spreaders.

 Friday Nassau had 443 new cases, Suffolk, 602. A thousand a day! This is a health crisis that is going to come to a sorry misery. You are a parent, your elementary school child tests positive, you are distraught!

Treatments may be better, but the infections may be mostly children, since they are not vaccinated for the most part, there will be heartbreak.

 I also think there should be more effort on the local medical organizations to vaccinate  to under 12 children than the first week has shown especially in the Mid-Hudson region.

 Instead of having to take children to pharmacies and pop-up schools, why isn’t the Pfizer vaccine for children going directly to the elementary and junior high schools in the counties day by day?

So far no medical organization has explained whether there is a shortage of the vaccines for the under-12, or  how many children under 12 have been vaccinated by community/school district. It is vital we ramp this up!

Not to respond to media questions that are legitimate, that people need to know, that is not right and not smart or considerate of the worried parent. It is negligent and cavalier and shows mismanagement in a crisis. Move it out. If you do not have enough vaccines, say so! Explain the allecation plans!

Parents are lining up for the shots. They want them.

Why isn’t the child-saver coming into the county faster?

I asked those questions and got no answers.

That is pathetic communication. They have to be accountable for their performance!

If leaders of towns, counties and Albany legislators do not get the necessity of doing this considering and responding to the crisis in a hands-on “we’ve got this” manner they have no courage and they are not doing what is right. They run these health organizations and should have no qualms pointing out bungles by management when their bungles cost lives.

Parents will remember if you do not act. There is no safety in numbers in being incompetent.

 If governments and leaders do not act, you are all incompetent. You are all tarred with brush of failure in the public eyes.

 Think about your own children and grandchildren

You have a parent who cannot get their beloved 5 year old vaccinated before holiday mingling and outdoor activities, and the child gets covid, has serious aftereffects, and dies horridly.

The fact that the economy is still growing and you the politicians are responsible for it, casinos are humming and addicting, and covid cash is balancing everybody’s budgets, will not matter to any parents to whom that happens to their child.

Wake up and see and feel the horror, ladies and gentlemen.  This is not the season to be jolly, it is the season to be holy and loving and there to make a difference when you have the power and facts to do so.

There is no excuse for incompetence in the face of a crisis, crossing your fingers, hoping all the tough decisions go away, instead of swinging into action.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer is the exception. He arranged for pop up vaccinations in schools who want them for the 5-12 population. This was one reason why White Plains schools have 400 vaccinated under 12 students. If they get  the 2,500 more 5 to 12s  (Kindergarten through 6th) grade vaccinated at that pace they could all be vaccinated by Christmas.  There is another school vaccination popup coming up Saturday November 27, location and time to come.

The organization(s) organizing the shots have to work faster to make the shots available more conveniently. They need to explain if not to WPCNR, then in a news conferences for the media at large. I’ll even give them a headstart on the news release:

“We announce today we are working closely with Pfizer to allocate substantial supplies to the 5 to 12 vaccine to all in the Mid-Hudson, New York City area, and Long Island. We are ramping up deliveries to schools in the follwing towns so students can get them in faster order on a school day schedule when they are in school. This will begin the Monday after Thanksgiving. We are eliminating the need to go to one vaccination center or popup locations.

Availablity of the Pfizer vaccine will be increased and the school communities sites will be served on a most-growth-in-covid-shown basis…..you may sign up for your student to be vaccinate.”

The preceding was not for real. But I suspicion the availability of the vaccine is the cause of the slow pace. Such a news conference has to address how many vaccinations are being allocated to the region, Long Island and New York City. But it is still imperative, in one man’s opinion for citizens to stop spreading the disease so as not to impact New York City, which the seven surrounding counties are obviously doing;

The professional distributors and innoculators of the vaccine need to make your excuses now, so the reasons can be dealt with by the leaders of the state, counties and schools, and towns and holler bloody murder.

As a citizen of America’s most effective state in dealing with covid, I am shocked at the rate of this 4th Wave spread. I am shocked by the slow rollout of the children’s vaccine and we should know why it isn’t being done more efficiently.

In the Mid-Hudson region, Westchester is now the county with the most cases of 7 counties, 179. Orange County throughout the Covid crisis, continues to  infect highly, 155  new infections on Friday; Dutchess, 86; Rockland,68; Sullivan, 34; Putnam,15. 

The figures for Saturday infections of covid come out this evening. Let us hope it is not another 1,600 infections in the 9 counties and 1,500 in NYC.

One fact that fills me with fear for the wonderful children of our counties, cities in this area is that Dr. Sherlita Amler two weeks ago said that 9% of new cases of covid were in children not vaccinated.

That could mean that the 179 Westchester infections on Friday, 16 were children, but we do not know that. It might be more.

Move that vaccine out to the 5 to 12s faster, professionals, please.

Those officials who gave the professional organizations the job, tell them to get on it and move faster.

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