The First Stupid Decision Is Out of the Way. DON’T do it. You DON’T have to do it. You shouldn’t do it.

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WPCNR NEWS & COMMENT.  By John F. Bailey. November 8, 2021.

Say it ain’t so.

NYC Mayor- Elect Eric Adams said on Sunday, he was going to eliminate masking in New York City Schools.

What a way to start a Mayoral term.

How sad.

Obviously the Mayor-Elect is not looking at the science.

He is not looking at the NYC numbers of new infections for the five boroughs that were lower than the 9 counties surrounding the city. He is certainly not looking at the astronomical new infections in Nassau County and Suffolk County averaging over 600 a day.

What other stupid decisions on covid are coming?

Relaxing the vaccination rules for teachers and staff?

The state just started administering vaccinations of 5 to 12 year olds!

Five to twelve year olds are the most vulnerable! I hope Governor Hochul gives him a wake up call and he backs off this decision. Before the masks come off in school schools, you have to have the school populations as close to totally vaccinated as possible.

But nooooooooooooooo. The new Mayor wants to make his mark and start off popu—larrrrr.

The first mothers whose elementary schoolers get covid will be infuriated, heartbroken! How many of those will there be based on this cavalier, “I want to get us back to normal” decision? You do not know.

This decision is bringing the wrong “back to normal” back (that we had in July), to create a new fourth wave of covid  too soon. I was in New York City Saturday and there was very little masking on the streets of Manhattan. The children can be infected by the unmasked.

Wait for the 5 to 12s to get vaxed. THEN do it.

What is the rush?

If the New York city schools get hit with new infections, what will the new Mayor do?

Shut down the schools? I doubt that.

Make infected children stay home?

Make single mothers whose children get covid stay home and keep them home?

Go back to learning from home? Is that what he wants to guarantee?

Or will he say we just have to live with the infections and deaths of our children from Covid because the city needs the schools open to “get back to normal?”

That is what he is risking by unmasking and literally “crossing his fingers” on the schools by relaxing protocols, masking, maybe social distancing, quarantines.

(That is the always popular triage method, just take the deaths and suffering the covid tragedies because society needs us to get back to normal, no matter what the cost in lives, suffering. Well the midwest. the south are now crippled with hospitalizations because of the no-mask policies many governrs endorsed “to get back to normal. Is that what we want in NYC. We apparently feel that way in the 9 counties where new infections are rising like a school of shark fins coming at us. )

Don’t take the masks off yet, Mr. Mayor.

He should be thinking of the implications of a fourth wave.

Is Mr. Adams not looking at the covid inroads around the Metropolitan area?  (All 9 counties surrounding New York City are infecting infecting and infecting because mask wearing is not being observed. )

Is he not aware that no masking is responsible for the vast majority of the country still reeling from covid hospitalizations?

No, Mr. Adams do not do it. Do not unmask school populations until the schools show they are handling covid infections and keeping them in check. The masking is responsible for that in combination with the vaccines.

I am tired of “hope” decisions by our leaders in the legislature based on the irrational idea that we have to get or “bet “back to normal” to get the state economy moving “so we the legislators look good and are liked.”

Jettisoning the governor was one of those decisions the legislature made. Both houses and the administration tolerated his alleged sexual harassment for 10 years THEN they decide he is a sexual harasser when it is convenient for their own ambitions.

The Legislature dumping the Governor brought us the third wave, because the legislature relaxed the opening rules when the governor wanted to do it in June. The legislature effectively washed their hands of the decisions on covid that they took back from the governor. A bunch of very weak people who care for no one but themselves.

So please call Governor Hochul, Mayor Adams. Have a talk with her and the Commissioner of Health and see if it makes sense to unmask the schools before you do it. If you’re vaccinated, you still can carry the covid virus in your nose and mouth and pass it to others. That is the advantage of masking–it stops the spread of the disease from people who do not show symptoms.

Do not let the red plague out of the bottle again. It is the biggest health disaster in 103 years and since the Black Plague of the 14th century.

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