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 November 5, 2021: –Today, Congressman Mondaire Jones (D-NY) released the following statement after he and his House Democratic colleagues voted to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the rule for consideration of the Build Back Better Act.

“Today, we took a historic step to pass President Biden’s transformational Build Back Better agenda by passing the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and advancing the Build Back Better Act. I’m proud that the bill we passed tonight will deliver much-needed investments in our nation’s physical infrastructure, ensuring we remain competitive in the 21st century. 

But let me be clear: my top priority remains enacting the Build Back Better Act, which contains the vast majority of President Biden’s broadly-popular agenda. Thanks to the leadership of House Progressives, we are closer than ever to doing exactly that.

Tonight my conservative Democratic colleagues gave me, and the nation, their word that they will vote for the Build Back Better Act no later than the week of November 15. For the first time, this small handful of conservative Democrats committed to supporting bold climate action, an expansion of Medicare to include hearing coverage, a lift of the cap on State and Local Tax deductions that has unjustly burdened working families in my district and communities like mine across the country, and universal child care for working families, which I am proud to have helped secure in this bill.

I look forward to my colleagues making good on their promises as quickly as possible, so that we can pass the Build Back Better Act and begin delivering the life-changing investment working- and middle-class families across our nation need and deserve.” (Editor’s Note: the bill passed in the House late Friday evening.)

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