1,3 and 4 State Propositions Defeated . Propositions 1 and 5 Pass

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From Spectrum News Capitol Region on Twitter:

Eighty percent of voters had cast a no ballot against Proposal 1, which would have amended the state’s redistricting process.

Fifty-seven percent voted against Proposal 3, which would have eliminated a deadline of 10 days before an election for someone to register to vote.

And 56% of New Yorkers said no to authorizing no-excuse absentee voting, which first became possible in the 2020 election and was again in effect for this election.

Proposal 2, which would establish the right to clean air and clean water, looked to be on the way to passage with 68% voting in favor of it.

The final question dealing with civil courts in New York City also looked to have passed with 62% of voters backing it.

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