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WPCNR THE LETTER TICKER. From the Rosedale Residential Association. August 10, 2021:

Greetings RRA Neighbors,

The RRA and many other neighborhoods have been working with the White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations (WPCNA) to push for a new or drastically updated city-wide Comprehensive Plan. 

The RRA and other WPCNA members are in favor of beginning the planning process immediately. We are also supporting a plan that positively addresses our city’s continually changing socio-economic demographics and a plan that addresses the post COVID-19 economic realities that White Plains will be dealing with for the foreseeable future.

Our neighborhood is advocating to be a part of the planning process from the very beginning and wants to be regular and active participants until the plan is complete.  We have shared our neighborhood visions with our elected officials and now we have to ensure that the city incorporates our visions into the plan as much as possible. 

Though the RRA and the other members of the WPCNA are hoping to work with the city in a much closer capacity, the city has created a schedule for a public Comprehensive Plan Listening Tour.  These listening sessions will hopefully offer great opportunities outside of the RRA’s endeavors to provide feedback on plans that effect both the RRA and the entire city.  We hope that you will be a part of the planning process that will likely shape the character of our individual neighborhoods and our city for years to come.

If you have any questions please go to or feel free to reach out to us at

We also encourage you to urge the Mayor and the Common Council to reengage with the WPCNA over the next several years throughout the planning process.  Our elected officials’ active participation in the WPCNA is critical to ensuring our collective associations play an active role in the planning process and so that our voices are heard on the topics that are important to us.

Mayor Thomas Roach
Justin Brasch
Nadine Hunt-Robinson
John Kirkpatrick
John M. Martin
Jennifer Puja
Victoria Presser

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