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The view leaving Southampton in 2015 much as it was when the Titanic sailed from the famous port in 1912 into eternity.

WPCNR ACROSS THE EDITOR’S DESK. By John F. Bailey April 11 2021:

If you were an immigrant from Third Class Steerage to the United States in 1912, or a millionaire and millionairess of the Titanic  gentry strolling the wide decks of the most famous luxury liner of all time  taking in the salt air you had a freshening breeze in your faces,  a calm sea basking being rudely parted as Titanic steamed towards New York.

 The eternal waves in a quiet chop in brilliant sunshine at 11:30 AM, April 11, 1912, 109 years ago, when Father Brown took this photo in 1912 on the deck on the voyage from Southhampton to Queensland Ireland. Looking out on a sun-splashed sea at the disappearing emerald isle of Ireland, you had no idea it would this would be the last land you would ever see.

The Titanic, 882 feet long, 92 feet wide was the largest ship ever built by the White Star line. It is dwarfed by the cruise ships of today. But everyone who sails the ocean has heard of the Titanic and she is in their thoughts today.

The Titanic, no question is one of the most remembered disasters of the Twentieth Century because of its claims: Unsinkable! Fastest ship on the sea! But it is now remembered for its horror, hubris, heroism, cowardice and sacrifice, grippingly, horrifyingly portrayed in books, cinema and exploration.

The Titanic in the night photographed 109 years ago

Last night 109 years ago The Titanic had picked up passengers in Cherbourg, France and with all its decks aglow in this picture taken by Father Brown who disembarked at Queensland gives you an image of what she looked like as she made her way across the Atlantic and on the night when she sank on April 14 this coming Wednesday at 2 A.M. in the morning, carrying with her to the bottom, 1,500 souls rich to poor. 715 passengers and crew were rescued.

The Titanic off Queensland Ireland. April 11, 1912.
The photograph was taken by Father Brown after he disembarked from the Titanic and was riding on a tender into Queensland Harbor.
It is the last picture ever taken of the great ship as she sailed into eternity.

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