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Become a vaccinator!

New York State is encouraging eligible New Yorkers to take the required trainings to become vaccinators and support the State’s COVID-19 vaccination program.

Governor Cuomo signed an Executive Order expanding the eligible pool of trainees who can administer vaccinations at a point of dispensing or “POD site” (flexible vaccination sites that can be set up in any community) using a non-patient specific order provided they first receive trainingA non-patient specific standing order is a general order to vaccinate anyone who comes to be vaccinated at a POD and doesn’t name each person. These include:

  • Licensed practical nurses (LPNs)
    • Unlike other healthcare settings, supervision by a Registered Nurse (RN) is not required in a POD site for LPNs to vaccinate using a non-patient specific standing order.
  • Pharmacists who are not certified to administer immunizations by the New York State Education Department (SED)
  • Midwives who are not certified to administer immunizations by SED
  • Dentists
  • Dental hygienists who have been issued a dental hygiene restricted local infiltration anesthesia/nitrous oxide analgesia certificate
  • Podiatrists
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Students in eligible education programs (medicine, nursing, PA, pharmacy students who do not have a limited permit that includes a certificate to administer vaccinations, dentistry, podiatry, and midwifery)
  • Temporarily-Licensed Pharmacy Technicians

All POD sites that have these non-traditional vaccinators (referred to below as “new vaccinators”) must have oversight from or be approved by New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) or the applicable Local Health Department, and must have medical oversight by a licensed physician, licensed physician assistant (PA), or certified nurse practitioner (NP). The individuals providing such medical oversight must have a current certification in CPR.




The following training requirements are for all new vaccinators, except for temporarily-licensed pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians should refer to the Interim Guidance Implementing Executive Order 202.90 – Licensing of Temporarily-Licensed Pharmacy Technicians for more information, including certification and training requirements, found at the following link:

Required Training Under the Executive Order
  1. Students: Sign up at

    For all other new vaccinators: Sign up at ServNY are notified of opportunities based on the preferences indicated at registration.  In some cases, you may hear from a local Medical Reserve Corps rather than from the State of New York. Deployment to vaccinate at a POD site will depend on the staffing needs of the POD site. In some cases, there may be a need to fill non-vaccinator roles. Registering with ServNY does not guarantee deployment to a POD site.
  2. Complete the online NYSDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Training for Vaccinators modules. There are four training modules:
    • Background on COVID-19 Vaccines:
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Considerations, Patient Screening, Education, and Consent
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Administration, Anaphylaxis, and Post-Vaccination Information:
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Shipping, Storage, and Handling
  3. Complete the online Privacy and Security of Health Information in New York State module.
  4. Complete in-person clinical vaccine administration training with assessment of skills and competencies in accordance with NYSDOH guidance.  
    • For students, vaccine administration training and skills assessment must be attested to and provided by their educational institution in accordance with NYSDOH guidance.
    • For all other new vaccinators, the in-person vaccine administration training must cover the areas listed in the Immunization Action Coalition Skills Checklist for Vaccine Administration. The assessment of the individual’s skills and competencies must be done using this checklist, with all areas identified as meeting or exceeding required skills and competencies for vaccine administration.
      • The checklist may be signed by a physician, PA, NP, or RN OR a certified EMS provider who is designated as an evaluator after their skills have been directly observed and signed off by the licensed physician, licensed PA, or certified NP who is medically supervising the POD or the EMS agency Medical Director. Preferred EMS evaluators include Certified Lab Instructors, Certified Instructor Coordinator, Field Training Officers, EMS Training Coordinators.
      • The training and skills assessment can be done at the POD site or, for EMS providers, by the EMS agency.
  5. Additional requirements for students: Have completed, at a minimum, at least 1 year of clinical experience, as attested to by their educational institution in accordance with NYSDOH guidance.
  6. For any providers who are licensed or certified outside of NYS, in order to be covered by the liability immunity under the PREP Act: Complete the CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Training modules found here:

How to Complete the Online NYSDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Training for Vaccinators and the Privacy and Security of Health Information in NYS modules
  1. For non EMS providers, you must sign in or register on the New York State Department of Health’s Learning Management System (LMS).
    For EMS providers, go to and click on the top right hand side of the page “Login/Register”. 
  2. You must complete the training modules in your system.To access the direct modules in the LMS system:
    Module 1 – Background on COVID-19 Vaccines
    Module 2 – COVID-19 Vaccine Considerations
    Module 3 – COVID-19 Vaccine Administration
    Module 4 – Shipping, Storage, and Handling
    Privacy and Security of Health Information in New York State

    For EMS providers, direct links will be available once you have logged in to

*updated 2/19/2021




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