Return to School in March. White Plains Superintendent of Schools on Progress of Teacher-Staff Vaccinations–Rate of Infections Among Students, Teachers Staff –and the New End of Year Testing Federal Government Requirement. Says “Phased-in return for all children will begin in March.”

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WPCNR asked Dr. Joseph Ricca, Superintendent of Schools in White Plains , on the up-to-date status of Teacher and Staff Covid-19 Vaccinations, the School Infection Rate, and the new end of year testing policy of the federal government. He begins with the testing policy announced this week and what it means. He prepared this statement. (Click on the white arrow to view)

UPDATE: After this statement, Dr. Ricca told WPCNR, ”¬†we plan to begin our phased in return for all children in March. More to come on that in the coming weeks.”

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